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Hey guys, this may have been discussed so my apologies if I am kicking up an old subject. I have some cables I may need to extend about a foot and was wondering if the communication between the cam and ezb is too sensitive for me to splice in and solder 12 inches of extension with silver solder.
December 6 2017
Yeah those shipping delays get me every time, Phew! Makes me wonder how many last many orders ez robot would get if they had a setup to ship over the holidays and through the new year , but I am sure they have looked at that :)
December 6 2017
I have extended IDE hard drive cables about 2 foot before. Once I tried a sata cable and FAILED horribly, I think the resistance was too much after the splice to work.
DJ Sures
December 6 2017
Jeremie has a video of extending the cable 6 feet or something...

Ezrobot sold out of product due to Black Friday and a pile of education sales. Revolution product line is very popular in school systems.

Ezrobot is transitioning to a new manufacturing facility right now, as well. This will rectify shipping delays and offer the products that everyone has been waiting for. Including the Lidar and IPS
December 6 2017
Awesome sauce, I am glad to hear you sold out DJ, gotta keep the gears of robotic process turning! I look forward to the Lidar, that is a awesome feature upgrade.
December 6 2017
if you can find the pin outs on the cable, double or treble up on the power cores cos of volt drop over 100 meters it's like a volt or two, and never ever ever double up on any data cores.
Avatarby jstarne1
Published Wednesday, December 6, 2017