Asked August 3 2018

Community Question

Many members have developed many types of navigation systems over the past few years. I would like to reach out to find what has worked out best. I am sure there are many types of designs. I would like to avoid complex third party add-ons, unless they are required.

My personal designs have not met my goals. I want to maybe get a new perspective based on other member's designs and ideas. I have made a similar request in the past, but with new sensors and meathods available, I wanted to see if there are new developments.

Can anyone Help?
August 18 2018
I finally had a chance to confirm the ez robot camera sees the ir signal from my TV remote. I was only able to "see" dimly, about 10 feet. I will be looking around for a toy or try to find some lenses to make a "beam" which I will try to use as a target to use for tracking and also decode as a descripted signal. I am still busy but hope to get to test soon.
August 18 2018
Is anyone aware of any (focused beam) device easily available which can be converted to what I want to do? I know some photoelectric detectors could maybe work, but I don't want to spend big dollars for testing. Any suggestions ?
August 18 2018
You will likely want to remove the filter from the camera or use a different camera to see IR well.
August 18 2018
Hi Jay
Have you ever tried what I am suggestioning? I know you messed a lot with ir stuff.
August 20 2018
I can confirm that you can remove the IR filter from the EZ-B camera but be aware of 2 things:

- The IR filter resides directly behind the camera lens and is glued in place
- The IR filter is made of glass (looks like a rainbow when viewed a certain angles)

In the past I've used need-nose pliers to squeeze the plastic a bit to break the glue from the glass but there have been times where I've shattered the glass filter. Please take the necessary precautions when attempting to remove the IR filter, use safety glasses and do the work above a small container to catch the glass.