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I am building a robot that weighs about 15KG. I realized that the continuous rotation servo motors will not be ideal to drive the base wheel
I am considering a 12V DC motor to do this task. Now my questions:
1) Is a 12V DC motor ideal option for the base wheel? If not could you make some recommendations.
2)Assuming the 12V DC motor is the best option, How do I get the EZ-Robot to control a two 12V DC motors?
3) How do I go about connecting it to a 12V power supply?

I will appreciate any feedback feedback.
Richard R
Commented July 6
To answer your questions...

1) 12v motor would be fine for a 15kg bot (depending on the motors size, gearing and torque output)

2) You need a motor controller like an H-bridge or Sabertooth motor controller

3) The motor controller powers the motors... The 12V battery is connected to the H-bridge or sabertooth and then the h-bridge is connected to the motors... The ezb4 controls the motors through the H-bridge via a script or movement panel in ez builder...
Asked on Friday, July 6, 2018