Asked April 11 2018

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I've got my Hero 1 Robot project for sale. It includes

Heathkit Hero 1 Robot. All original boards are stripped out except the power supply board and Arm Drive board.
I have the charger. needs fuse replaced. Original Arm is included. Also has body panels.
Missing all original boards except power supply board, arm drive board, and one metal side panel.

Ez-Robot v4 Developers kit. - complete.
Ez-Robot IOTiny Board
Ez-Robot Battery Pack
Battery Charger
Whole bunch of Electronics including:
Raspberry Pi 3 with 5" screen
Raspberry Pi 2 with 2" Screen
Arduino Boards
Large assortment of electronic parts, sensors, etc.
If interested I can send pics.
I'll take $1000 USD plus $100 shipping for the lot.
Will ship in the Cont US.
August 17 2018
@WarPig are you building a full size B9 Like David S. Or something smaller ?
August 18 2018
Full-size. The only way to fly. :D
August 19 2018
Tex, is he in Fl? How about you? I'll be down there in a few weeks (hopefully for good) and would love to meet you and your family.
August 23 2018
Always liked that Hero1. Heathkit had some great stuff Smile
August 23 2018
Spammer Alert! (sj121sj profile's).