Asked June 23 2018

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i just saw the first jd robot and i love it very much.
are there more video of this first jd? love to see them.

congrats dj&team and thanks for so much fun
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June 25 2018
Thanks @Nomad6R! :D
July 2 2018
Has anyone built the JD robot much taller using the extension modules and would it still walk if it is much taller?
July 2 2018

jd has hips that works perfect.i think if you want a bigger robot,
you will need to use metal brackets.
July 2 2018
Yes thanks Nomad,That is what I thought too but It would be a worth while project if the servos are strong enough.
July 2 2018
you can always try,you never know what you come up with.
i think the cube on elbows and knees,would be possible.
then you just need to adjust some motions like sit down&stand up.