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i am redo my mecca going to ad some more movements.
like turning waist and bending.he allreddy learns how to trow a ball.hehe

Nomad 6R
Commented August 5
i notest when turning and bending at same time,the HDD gets hot.
so i solved that wiht a second HDD and chorten the body.he wil get ,
a schotich shirt to hide these servo' thing to do ,is to make the wheels,
and legs adding another wheel in the you can,
see the wheel base is bending in the middle from all the waight.
anyone who is going to use the mecca,make sure to start with,
making the wheelbase stronger.the plastik is very now ,
waiting for parts.

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Nomad 6R
Commented August 22

i bouth a second mini version of meccanoid,do i needed extra parts for the big, an roboteer you will know there is something we all have.
you cant use a broken robot,you wil try to fix him.and so i did.
i made a G15 into a G15KSM .M stands for mini.there is one thing i dont understand,maybe some meccanoid builders wil now this,and that is the ,
controls written in the book.i see all kinds of colors ,but what does they mean.?
how do i go from excample command mode into another? here are some pics.

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one thing for sure is the motion sucks.its not even close to ez builder.

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Commented August 22
The colors are the colors of the eyes if you built the robot by the instructions. It is your feed back to let you know what mode the robot is in or what action the robot is going to take or what the robot might be waiting on you to do depending on what you just had the robot do.
Nomad 6R
Commented August 22
hi justin

ah if meccanoid did understand my command,i can see it by the color of the eyes,
that i am in the correct menu.
so there are 3 menu's. command/settings/motions

thanks for the link
Nomad 6R
Commented September 4
ok some more testing whit i have a speaker 8 OHm 86 DB
i use a jack plug 3.5 MM the sound is amazing,no cracks or any ugly sounds.
so am thinking to solder a female extention wire on the lotiny and see,
how that a pic and chort video in german language.

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AvatarNomad 6R
Asked on Sunday, June 17, 2018