Asked February 28 2017

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I've got the Bing Speech Recognition working and WOW it's great! I have been trying to come up with a script that will activate it - so I don't have to click on the Start and Stop Recording tab - no luck. Is something like this possible?
Also, can Bing Speech be coupled with the Talk servo Control?
July 13 2017


I'll add the SetPhrase for ControlCommand() in the next EZ-Builder release.

Has this been added yet?
DJ Sures
July 13 2017
Yes. Read about the ControlCommand so you can see what commands are available. You can see for yourself what commands are available for a control.

I prefer the right click method rather than Cheat Sheet. But it's up to you.
July 13 2017
Yep, first thing I did was look at both of thouse methods looking for this new command. Theses options were listed under Speech Rec for both right click and Cheat Sheet:

User-inserted image

Am I looking in the wrong place?
July 13 2017
@Dave... Are you asking this for Bing speech plugin or the built in ez builder speech rec? What you posted is for the built in speech rec control...

***EDIT*** never mind I just re-read part of the above thread...
July 13 2017
Thanks for stepping in RR. I just now found time to start playing with the Bing SR.

Actually I'm playing with both the EZ Robot SR control and and Bing and trying to find the best way to get result I'm looking for. I'm not useing the Pandorabot control but rather I want to trigger sound files located on several EZB soundboards installed in EZ Builder and other movement scripts I've already written. Kinda like the present SR control does

I really don't know yet what I'm doing but am having some success and learning as I go. I was hoping to trigger scripts I've already written located in EZ's SR control with the Bing SR control. After reading this thread it sounded to me that DJ was going to add a SetPhrase option so this can be done. I may be misunderstanding that this can be done, not writing the script properly or not looking in the right place.

I also want to "wake up" the Bing control so it will start listening and execute a sound file or script. I have succeed in doing this by adding a wake up word in the EZ Robot SR control like you would do with Alexis and adding the following command in it's script section:


ControlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", StartListening)

This actually works pretty good.

So far here's what I've been able to succeed at:
*Moved my old Speech Rec control out of my present project.
*Installed a new SR control with only a wake word listed with it's script commanding Bing to start listening like mentioned above.
*I've copied a few scripts out of the old SR control and wrote "If" statements with ControlCommand commands pointing to these scripts or just to a sound file on one of my installed EZB sound boards.
*When Bing hears and recognizes a phrase, it stores it in the variable I've got entered in the Bing control ($BingSpeech).
*The "if" statement script I have in Bing control will then run. When it finds the phrase stored in the variable it will execute the ControlCommand below it.

Here's a look at a sample from my script inside the Bing control that runs when Bing detects a phrase:


IF ($BingSpeech = "Do you know where you are?")
ControlCommand("Head Section", ScriptStart, "Radar 1/4 Sweep")
ControlCommand("Soundboard v4", Track_18)
ELSEIF ($BingSpeech = "Tell me a Joke")
ControlCommand("Soundboard v4", Track_19)
ELSEIF ($BingSpeech = "Two steps forward")
ControlCommand("Soundboard v4", Track_20)

To me this seems like above is the way to do what I want done. Is there a better way? At first I thought by having a way for Bing to use my existing SR scripts would be easier but I now I see that I may not be able to do that. Any thoughts?