Asked May 23 2017

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i did averthing like in the video.but i get an error,dont know what it is.
need help.what does this mean?

User-inserted image
May 24 2017
Vision Cognition works great now! Thank you DJ!

However, now the Cognitive Emotion plugin (which I did Update and read the directions and copied in the key and end point correctly) now shows a red X across the picture window where it would normally show the image it reviewed. It still works otherwise, it reads my emotion just fine.
May 24 2017
hi it works but he says only i see?
May 24 2017
ok he sees the pic now but dont say what it is.
May 24 2017
Did you create the script to utilize what the robot sees like the video and directions for the plugin show?
May 25 2017
yes i did just as in the video