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Couldn't find answer to this question.

I know I can have more than 1 micro-controller on a Robot. How do I install it and how do I operate them both at one time.
Richard R
Commented May 2017
I assume you're talking about the ezb4 or iOTiny?.... It's quite easy... Just add them in the connection control. You can quickly add 4 more but I believe 256 (or more) can be done... Did you notice the connection control shows 5 connection slots available? Now you know what they are for... This is how you connect more than one ezb4 to your project (assuming you are in client mode that is)... There are variations to this but this is the easiest way...

In Client mode... Each ezb4/iOTiny will have it's own IP address.

As an example to move a servo on board 1 (instead of default board 0) you specify the board # eg...


servo(D0,90) # move servo on ezb4 board 0 default
servo(1.D0,90) # move servo on ezb4 board 1
servo(2.D0,90) # move servo on ezb4 board 2


Commented May 2017
Thank you I just wanted to know if and how to connect them.

I also have had problems changing IP address on the . The instructions on the tutorial seem different than the actual experience I am having with my update software. When I type in the IP address as instructed, I do not get a form like shown on tutorial. Mine does not have a place to change IP address like the tutorial does.

Can I change the IP address on the connection control?
Avatarby Ellis
Published Sunday, May 7, 2017