Asked July 4 2017

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I'm adding a periscope to my R2 and after reading a bunch of posts on limit switches, I want to know if I understand what I need to do. I've done no coding, just wrapping my mind about how to do it.

I will need a switch at the top and bottom. I plan on using a micro switch on the top and bottom. From what I think I read is, I have the signal wire go through the normally open pin to the servo and when the switch is triggered it then sends that signal through the normally closed to an ADC plugged that is set to turn off the digital servo port.

But I will first need to back the servo off the switch so it will take a command again to go in the opposite direction.

I was also going to use a second micro switch on the base that when released will turn on the lights. I am going to use a Pro Mini to store that sketch. For that I was going to run the power through the micro switch to supply power to the Pro Mini when released. I'm running 7.4 volts so I was going to put a step down to 5v to it.

Do I have it right, or is it a little more complicated then what I think?
DJ Sures
July 4 2017
Have you looked into a Winch servo? This one will turn 2826 degrees:

That way you have specific control of the positioning, rather than depending on micro switches and potentially complicated construction.

There's a discussion on Winch servos on our forum:
July 4 2017
That's very cool. It sure would save a lot of wiring and save on ports. Thanks!