Asked November 1 2014

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HELP! When I try to open my project file I get this;
User-inserted image

I was doing some script writing and the program started acting weird, so I saved the project and shut down EZ-Builder. Now I can't open the project.
November 1 2014
You can try, can't hurt... Just make sure in the future you make copies to the cloud as well....
November 1 2014
Ran the repair option in the install - didn't make a difference, still not working.
November 1 2014
I think I fixed your file for the most part... There might be a control or 2 missing... revolving around sound servo...

Check your email...

Hopefully it works for you... and whatever you do make another copy of your project asap...

November 1 2014
Thanks a lot Richard, it's working now, except for the speech recognition. That's easy to re-do compared to re-doing everything. How did you get it back?
I owe ya a case of Crown Royal!
Thanks again.
November 2 2014
@Bob.... No worries... I just merged one control at a time until I found the offending control that crashed your project.... I kind of figured is revolved around speech because it happen once to me before... Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for it, however...