Asked October 8 2014

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I did a search on charger and looks like no one else is having this problem.

I got six assembled and briefly test all is great.

So I thought I would check out the charger. (Balancer Charger S3b01, that comes with six).

I plugged in like tutorial says, Red light comes on.
I plugged the cable from battery to 2cells plug and green light come on.

After a few minutes the Balancer Charger was VERY HOT. So hot I could not touch it.

Pulled the wall plug, let it COOL to touch and disconnected from six.

Is this normal? to get so hot?


p.s. per EZ-Builder battery 8.15 v.

*stress* *stress* *stress* *stress*

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March 20 2015

the charger gets really hot,its normal,mine does too.
March 21 2015
@69developer It didn't burn her though... What you have to do is put it out of reach and tell her not to touch it like you would with the toaster, iron, stove or any other hot appliance...

112F is not all that hot, really. There are places in the US (like death valley) that regularly exceed that temp.....
March 21 2015
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47.9c /118.22f and charging just fine
March 21 2015
@Richard, when it comes to kids (at least mine), yes that is hot to the touch. You have to remember, JD is not just used by adults.

@bborastero, didn't say it wasn't charging ok. I have watched both batteries charge via software, and they are charging.

Just keep in mind SAFETY first: lithium-ion batteries can suffer from an event called thermal runaway.

Just trying to give feedback on product is all. I have other chargers that the kids use and none get that hot. Some people don't want to hear about change or improvement, but I always want you to pick my stuff apart, just makes me a little brighter...
March 21 2015
yeah li-po and lithium-ion battery is scary I,ve seen the videos on youtube I once tried making a solar li-po charger and got bit bad, I'm not gonna play around with them again