Asked June 20 2014

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Trying not to get anyone in trouble here... I did an internet search for Wall-e sound bytes... Didn't find much, actually none... Does anyone here have some Wall-e sound file they can send me? Or a web link to download any?

Thanks guys
June 20 2014
I recorded these off a source I owned. They are digital to analog recordings, so the quality is a bit rough. Enjoy...;)
June 20 2014
I have a public wall-e project out there. It has my collection of wall-e sounds that you could merge into your project. Gathered from various places including DJ's Wall-E. I could only find about 20 Wall-E related sounds but they might be some you haven't gathered yet.
June 20 2014
Perhaps it's something DJ could easily do by either posting the original wav files (if he still has them) or extracting them from the Soundboard control (which we can't do but that doesn't mean he couldn't have a Save button or similar).

I'm not about much this weekend but when I get chance I'll find all wall-e sounds and convert the Soundboard to an EZ-B V4 Sound Board.
June 21 2014
Thanks everyone, really appreciate all the links and files....:)
June 3 2015
You can find all type movie related stuff here..!