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IBM Watson development platform

David (and anyone else who may be interested), what do you think about this very interesting video?

Here is more information.

There is already an application on a Raspberry Pi

Commented July 2015
Indeed. I have looked at what they have put out for use and the API a little bit. Very cool way of doing things IMHO. Hang onto your seats kids. The ride is about to get very exciting.
Steve G
Commented July 2015
IBM Watson certainly looks the business. And like you guys have already said... very exciting times ahead for us all indeed. :)
DJ Sures
Commented July 2015
Is it a language service? Or will it do any AI? From what I read on their website just now, it appears to be a language service.
Commented July 2015
Hey DJ, they are releasing one part at a time to developers. Scroll down just a bit on this site for the things that are on their way.

Watson developer apis
Commented July 2015
Some of these API's are for specific industries like medical right now. I think it was wise for them to focus on a couple of specific industries to make sure things are working there well before opening it up to a much larger group.

The thing that really interests me is that Jeopardy questions are intentionally asked in an esoteric manner that takes a lot of "thought" to decipher. I have attached a short video on how Watson did. It was really amazing to see that it was able to take the spoken text, go through the internet to decode that text, and then find the meaning of that text, search for the correct answer based on the meaning of that text, and return the data in the form of a question (which isn't natural), then speak that text before people could derive the correct answer. It was impressive to watch the match. This was 5 years ago. The two guys in the video were past champions of the show. The guy on the left had won something like 74 matches without a loss. I am not sure about the guy on the right.

This is what makes the EZ-Robot platform so dang powerful. For those who have wondered why EZ-Robot runs its commands on a PC that is tethered to the EZ-B over wifi, this is why. Adding API's that run on a PC to do truly amazing things allows the robot to have far more capabilities than anything that is running off of a controller on a robot.
Avatarby Toymaker
Published Tuesday, July 7, 2015