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A quick question for DJ or Jeremie.

Can I ask what the exact dimensions for the upcoming 8x8 RGB LED arrays are please (actual display and overall unit size)? I need to cut some holes soon before painting the area these arrays will fitted in to when they become available, so I'd be grateful for the info.

Commented September 2015
great news on the sizes bigger than the bi-colour ones I will be replacing so not a hard job now all we need to know is how long is


ETA is coming soon Grin


Herr Ball
Commented September 2015
What chip is being used?

DJ Sures
Commented September 2015
It's a microchip Pic - but i forget which model. It's the same micro that is also used in the [sku:1357], [sku:1208] and in [sku:1358] for diy.
Commented September 2015
Just to note, the header pins that connect the LED matrix to the board may not exist in the production version, it was simply for testing.

It's more likely that the LED matrix pins will be soldered directly to the board to create a smaller form factor.
Steve G
Commented September 2015
That's cool. Thanks for letting us know Jeremie. :)
AvatarSteve G
Asked on Sunday, September 13, 2015