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Dimensions For 8X8 Rgb Array

A quick question for DJ or Jeremie.

Can I ask what the exact dimensions for the upcoming 8x8 RGB LED arrays are please (actual display and overall unit size)? I need to cut some holes soon before painting the area these arrays will fitted in to when they become available, so I'd be grateful for the info.



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ETA is coming soon:D There was a bug in the compiler for the chipsets used in the new sensors - i discovered the bug in the compiler so the manufacturer is making fixes and will be releasing an update to me soon. As for the dimensions, i have one here which i can measure for you. I'll do that shortly for you:)

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Have you got them measurements for me?


I'll be back at my place tonight and get the measurements for you

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Cool. That'll be great.

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P.s, I'll need the screen depth measurements too, if that's cool.


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Fantastic. Many many thanks. That will be a great help indeed. Time to get the Dremel out and start cuttin.

I appreciate you doing that for me.:)


great news on the sizes bigger than the bi-colour ones I will be replacing so not a hard job now all we need to know is how long is


ETA is coming soon Grin


What chip is being used?



Just to note, the header pins that connect the LED matrix to the board may not exist in the production version, it was simply for testing.

It's more likely that the LED matrix pins will be soldered directly to the board to create a smaller form factor.

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That's cool. Thanks for letting us know Jeremie.:)