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Adafruit 8x8 Bicolour (not RGB) LED Array

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A quick question I hope someone can help me with. I know the Adafruit 8x8 single colour LED arrays can be used with EZ-Builder and the v4, but does this also include the Adafruit 8x8 Bicolour LED arrays?

I've had a look through the forum but couldn't find a definitive "Yes" or "No" answer for these particular arrays (unless I missed it).

August 10 2015
Thanks for the video and photo. They look really effective with what you have done. Nicely done. :)
August 10 2015

How did you make the lips?
Very interested in hearing how it was done.
August 10 2015
this is where I got it from. the mistake I made was mixing bi-colour and single colour matrices,
the code is downloadable from adafruit
August 14 2015
think I'll be scrapping the arduino stuff and wait untill the new EZ 8x8s are ready *blush*
August 14 2015
My thoughts exactly. :D
Avatarby Steve G
Published Sunday, August 9, 2015