Asked January 22 2015

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Woot Parrot AR 2.0 drone factory refurbished.
Thought I would give it a try.
I live in a rural area and this might be fun. Not sure of the range or flight time.
Sounds like it might work with EZ Builder, that is an added plus.
If anyone has done a project, would like to share information, and tips, let me know.
Steve S
February 3 2015
The maiden flight of my Parrot AR Drone 2.0 was inside because of weather.
How cool is EZ Robot to offer a PC controlled option?

Thank You,
Steve S
August 16 2015
Thanks for the link! According the the specs that is about 3 mm taller, but should still work with the flight recorder, or I can do a minor hull modification to make it fit.

I was looking at some Tera batteries on Amazon, but they were more expensive and not well reviewed (in fact, one reviewer proved they were exaggerating their capacity).

August 21 2015
@Steve S,

Just wanted to say thanks again for the link to the Turnigy 1.5 at Hobby King. I ordered three batteries last week and they arrived today. When I ordered, their web site also recommends a little $3 adapter that allows me to charge them with any 3S Lipo charger, so I can use the 3S port on my EZ-robot provided charger and my Parrot charger and charge two batteries at the same time.

Going to get some flying in Sunday!

August 21 2015
That is great Alan, have fun.
I get so much enjoyment flying my drone. I have wanted to fly on my own parachute rear engine powered lightweight unit. I have a friend who flies over my house, who wants me to get one, but I think I am happy flying the drone
getting to see the view around my property.
I have had good results w/ Turnigy batteries, on my drone and EZ Robot.
Steve S
August 24 2015
I also purchased the adapter plate, but I have not successfully charged original or Turnigy battery with that adapter, on my Turnigy charger.
I have successfully charged original and Turnigy batteries over a 20 times on the AR Drone charger.
Have you had any different experience?
Steve S
August 24 2015
I only charged one of them with the adapter but it worked fine with the EZ-B charger (using the 3s port). Charged a little slower than the Parrot charger. Not sure if the Parrot puts out more amps or if the battery was lower. I'll have to check the specs of the Parrot one (I know the EZ-B is 800 mah)