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Woot Parrot Ar 2.0 Drone Factory Refurbished Woot Parrot AR 2.0 drone factory refurbished. Thought I would give it a try. I live in a rural area and this might be fun. Not sure of the range or flight time. Sounds like it might work with ARC, that is an added plus. If anyone has done a project, would like to share information, and tips, let me know. Thanks, Steve S


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The maiden flight of my Parrot AR Drone 2.0 was inside because of weather. How cool is EZ Robot to offer a PC controlled option?

Thank You, Steve S


@Steve... Ok, now I want to buy one... thanks Steve:)


Richard R, Yes, the front HD camera worked great with ARC. I have not tried the standard def belly camera yet. Connects easy like JD. Thank You DJ, Steve S;)


Grandkids wanted to see the drone fly outside, but there is a good reason not to fly on windy days! Steve S;)


Looking for any tips flying AR Drone 2.0 w ARC. I can fly my drone w/ARC, but looking for any tips from someone with experience, to improve my flying. This video was recorded from the drone controlled w/IOS. My phone is a 4s model. I have had so much fun with this low priced drone at home and the campground. I just ordered a Turnigy upgrade battery to increase flying time.


Thank you shinobuzan, The drone is very versatile and so much fun flying! I am surprised there are no responses from ARC flyers. My best flying experience was with the IOS app AR.Free Flight. The windows 8 app was ok, but not like IOS. I can use ARC voice commands, which are so cool, but want tips how to fly better. Maybe I need some adjustments? I enjoy the commands to take off, and land. Are there any aeronautical robotic builders? Flying robots are the future!


I have been waiting for DJ to add support of the GPS module (he said he was ordering one) to see what I can do . Right now, other than following a colored object, I don't see a lot of benefit to using ARC with my AR Drone. I use a program called qgroundcontrol to program autonomous flight paths using hte GPS module (it is quirky and poorly documented and the newest release doesn't work at all though....).

I really want a "follow-me" function that will use the GPS module along with my phone's GPS to make the drone stay within a certain distance and facing the same direction I am traveling to have it follow me on my mountain bike (in fields obviously. Trying that in the woods would be a disaster). Drones by 3DR can do this, but no one has written software for the AR Drone that I have found yet.

As far as Robotics, I would like to make a robotic platform that can carry the drone, and then when it wants to get a close-up picture, would launch the drone and get close, then have the drone return. The limited battery life then becomes an issue though (I am thinking a neighborhood watch bot. It would drive up and down my street, and then if I see something I want to get a better look at like a car license plate, or suspicious activity, I launch the drone to get a close look).

So, lots of ideas, but nothing implemented yet.



Thank you thetechguru, That was my final next step to have drone follow "Lal" with a red dress down my driveway. I agree there are so many possibilities with drones and ARC. Sounds like we are wanting to do some similar things and advance. Flying robots (computers) like the AR Drone 2, are only going to progress forward. That is great idea to have your land based robot carry the drone and let it launch! I just received today my Turnigy upgrade 2.2 LiPo battery today from HobbyKing and put it on my Turnigy equal cell charger. It is sais it will charge on the AR Drone 2.0 charger also. The Turnigy 2.2 battery is suppose to increase flyiing time from 10-12 minutes to 20 minutes. I will report back after charging and testing first flight w/ Turnigy 2.2


Alan, Charged my new upgrade Turnigy battery from HobbyKing on the original Parrot Drone 2.0 charger that came w/drone. I timed todays flight w/new battery and realized almost 18 minutes flying time in windy conditions. The flight included 5 takeoffs, 2 were intentional. I noticed slightly different flying movements with more weight. When I tried to slow too quickly or stop to hover, sometimes the Drone did not recover angle quick enough in the windy conditions today. Yesterdays flight w/new battery was more forgiving with less wind. The new battery fits ok, but the velcro battery restraining strap just fits. I did not have to modify the hull to fit over the taller battery. The stock drone battery is 1000mah and weight is about 100 grams. The new battery is 2200mah and weight is about 160 grams.
The extra flying time is great, and the upgrade is more economical then stock battery.

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@SteveS The new battery looks like it would be a useful investment. I've debated whether it would be worthwhile to do for mine. The fact ARC can work with the Parrot drone has renewed my interest in it. Thing is, I don't know how to get it into client mode to be able to work with my PC. I've read it can be done but it doesn't seem to be an easy or straightforward process. I may have to finally break down and get a laptop just to be able to run ARC to fly the drone. Especially inside.

Anyway, thanks for the information about the battery.


That looks good. I actually have the Power Edition drone which has 2 1500 mah batteries that are close to the same size of the original 1000 mah. They are supposed to get 18 minutes of flight time, but I found it was closer to 15 minutes before adding the flight recorder (gps). I get 10-12 with it installed, but it fits without modifying the hull. The Turnigy plus the flight recorder I would need to modify or remove the hull.

I too see some performance issues when adding the weight of the flight recorder. Need to be careful with tight turns at speed at less than 3 meters altitude because it dives pretty hard during turns, particularly right turns and I have bounced off the ground more than once (in fact, I need a new cross member soon because one of the feet is broken).



WBS00001, I am satisfied with the extended flight time, keeping looking at battery usage indicator, surprised how it holds longer. Flying again late afternoon, with less wind, the drone flew great, and never stalled from too much angle. To connect your drone to a pc or windows tablet, power up your drone by connecting battery, disconnect your pc from your WiFi, AR Drone will send its WiFi I.D.drone, click on that to connect to the drones signal. With ARC open to a Drone file, look for the connect button on the right side of the drone movement panel. (That is the final connection, Do Not use the usual connection button at the top left of ARC). I have used "Free Flight Windows" on my little Acer W3, but not as smooth as IOS "Free Flight" for me. Steve S


Alan, Are you happy with the flight recorder option, and is that required to use Qgroundcontrol? Have you used any other apps? Steve S


I think it is worth the cost. It is needed for qgroundcontrol. That allows it to be 100% autonomous.

The Parrot app you can program a path on the map, but if it flies out of wifi range it just returns home instead of completing the plan. But that feature alone is pretty awesome.

I have which is a bit more capable on android than Parrot Freeflight, but I haven't flown with it yet.

Unfortunately a lot of the current development is being done on the more expensive 3dr and DJI drones which are more developer friendly than Parrot and I have seen a lot of promising apps get abandoned before they became useable.



@SteveS The problem with my PC is that I can't use it in AP mode. I have tried 3 different USB devices to give it that capability but none of them will work with my unit. After going round and round with each mfg. as well as, Microsoft, I have given up on that option. My only recourse is to get the drone into client mode or get a laptop. I've put way too much money into upgrades to my PC to give it up any time soon. Besides, who doesn't need a laptop? Well, maybe me, but that's beside the point. A new laptop would be a nice shiny new toy. And I'm really into shiny new playthings. Even real toys from time to time, like the full size Femisapien I got recently. I have grand plans for that little beauty; eventually. Next toy, a brand new Wall-E to tear apart and replace the stuff inside with EZB stuff. Fun, fun, fun! And no adults to say no! I don't say "other" adults, since I don't consider myself to be a real adult. I just pretend to be one as needed.

Nonetheless, thanks again for the additional info.


The current firmware for the AR Drone does support client mode, but doesn't support WPA or even WEP, so you can only connect it to open networks. Also, currently EZ-B will only recognize it on, the default AP mode address, so getting it into client mode on your network wouldn't help with EZ-B directly, but could help with other software.

I was digging around a little last night to see what is new and there is a node.js implementation that takes web or command line, so that could be used for an EZ-B integration.


and (ooh... this one has a module to support WPA in client mode - maybe if you set the router to or another address so you can give the drone that would work with ARC)


I haven't tried any of these yet.



@thetechguru Wow! Those links are great. Thank you sooo much! I'll try them out right after I take a nap. Up all night playing (again). My body hates me for it but it'll get over it. My brain, OTOH, giggles and chortles at my body while having a grand time. Right now, however, the body is winning out. Darn the need for sleep periods. Little snatches of death that they are.


Looks like I will be looking at the Turnigy and other batteries sooner than I planned. Went to top off the charge on my batteries wih plans to fly today, and they are both puffy. They were not left on the charger or discharged to zero, just sitting in my office next to the Parrot. Factory replacements are $60 each, so need to look at other compatible brands. :(



Thanks for the link! According the the specs that is about 3 mm taller, but should still work with the flight recorder, or I can do a minor hull modification to make it fit.

I was looking at some Tera batteries on Amazon, but they were more expensive and not well reviewed (in fact, one reviewer proved they were exaggerating their capacity).



@Steve S,

Just wanted to say thanks again for the link to the Turnigy 1.5 at Hobby King. I ordered three batteries last week and they arrived today. When I ordered, their web site also recommends a little $3 adapter that allows me to charge them with any 3S Lipo charger, so I can use the 3S port on my EZ-robot provided charger and my Parrot charger and charge two batteries at the same time.

Going to get some flying in Sunday!



That is great Alan, have fun. I get so much enjoyment flying my drone. I have wanted to fly on my own parachute rear engine powered lightweight unit. I have a friend who flies over my house, who wants me to get one, but I think I am happy flying the drone getting to see the view around my property. I have had good results w/ Turnigy batteries, on my drone and EZ Robot. Steve S


Alan, I also purchased the adapter plate, but I have not successfully charged original or Turnigy battery with that adapter, on my Turnigy charger. I have successfully charged original and Turnigy batteries over a 20 times on the AR Drone charger. Have you had any different experience? Steve S


I only charged one of them with the adapter but it worked fine with the EZ-B charger (using the 3s port). Charged a little slower than the Parrot charger. Not sure if the Parrot puts out more amps or if the battery was lower. I'll have to check the specs of the Parrot one (I know the EZ-B is 800 mah)