ARC Windows Release 2016.02.18.02

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- disable camera tracking after waiting for color in RoboScratch

- optimized references for smaller memory footprint

- restored control sorting to previous version after receiving scrolling issue feedback
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Speaking of GUI related points... it probably only impacts a few of us now, the increase in 4k screens does make it more difficult to use EZ-Builder.

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I'll be fine since I'm starting to use the SDK more, but I thought I'd mention it as more people get 4k screen computers. (I wish I hadn't - EZ-Builder is just one of the apps I use which now makes me have to guess at what button I'm clicking). This isn't a bug in EZ-Builder, but I just thought I'd mention it since you've done some work with the scroll bars recently.

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We've been aware of that - and like the rest of the software world, hoping that Microsoft releases system tools to help gui development with 4k displays. Currently, it's one of the hugest pains to accommodate, which is why EZ-Builder is one of many wondering when we will see proper OS level support for 4k displays.

PS, this is an old thread. The latest version at the time of my response is 2016.02.20.00 and the thread for that revision can be found here:


Syntax Check button is being deprecated due to the compiled nature of ez-script. It will most likely be removed in the next release. It doesn't do much anymore. Use the RUN command instead.

Wait, what? Are you saying scripts are now compiled, as opposed to interpreted? Compiled as exe, obj, P-code, ... ? I also don't understand why the syntax checker is no longer useful.
Scripts have always been compiled to an opcode - you have engaged in conversations with this mentioned with details. Search will be useful as a refresher. Syntax check has been removed in this release. Use RUN instead.

PS, stay tuned for upcoming releases where we're working to implement something quite awesome - in the direction EZ-Script is moving...