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- new firmware for ez-b v4.x/2 (disables N wifi for longer distance and increased reliability)

- Clear Variables re-inits variables that were supposed to be set (i.e. $direction, $ezbplayingaudio)

- New variable $EZBPlayingAudio

- fixed negative number Boolean comparison without quotes from:

- fixed split and spaces from this thread:

- fixed length() function from this thread:
Kaspersky Internet Security software is flagging EZ-Builder plugin Manager.exe as a dangerous program and deleting it. After I undeleted and said that I trusted it. Kaspersky flags the EZ-Builder plugin Manager.exe as containing a virus and quarranteenss it.

I think Kaspersky flagged the EZ-Builder plugin Manager.exe as dangerous in the background on me in the end of february update as well.

Anyone else having a problem like this?
Hey Robert, I've only heard negative things about Kaspersky, I know many folks like it though. I use Norton and every now and again it flags EZ-Builder as not trustworthy but I always get the option to ignore the warning. Most of the time Norton actually gives a green check that it is trust worthy (Because of course EZ-Builder is trust worthy!).

Have you tried creating an exclusion rule, like this:
Ha, I assure you there are no viruses in ezbuilder.:)

Kaspersky is confused and also a little biased because it bases the security level on the number installation instances. Because few people use kaspersky, and ezbuilder isn't as popular as Microsoft word, I can see how they have trust issues with it. That is no excuse, however. As they should investigate manually before making assumptions in their software.
Didn't think it was a real virus detection, but I wanted to post about the false detection. I think I managed to make Kaspersky think everything is fine now. It didn't think anything was wrong with EZ-Builder itself. It was complaining about the plugin Manager only for some reason.
Symantec Endpoint Protection (Enterprise version of Norton) also doesn't trust EZ-Builder due to the number of known installations. It allows the EXE to be marked as an exception and removed from quarantine.