ARC Release 2013.02.11.00

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Software Information
This is a minor release with a few enhancements and a bug fix:)


- New EZ-Script math commands (aCos, aSin, Sqrt, Power)

- Scrollbars move to top when saving which prevents controls from creeping up on lower resolution displays or large projects

- floor map degree accuracy increased

- vuzix augmented reality glasses displays graphical position

It works on my computer set at a low resolution. It automatically scrolls to the top. This might be an issue with windows that i can't control.
Having a Mac laptop running bootcamp win 7 64 bit, at max resolution forces me to change the sizing to 125% ( eyes getting older), this changes all my windows, font size etc. for all my programs. Many times I cannot fully read menus and window title bars etc and sometimes they are in wierd places and nearly unreadable. Make sure windows size is set to 100% to get a 1:1 scale for programs.
I also see it scroll to the top but when I reopen the project it's under the munu bar. It scrolls very fast and then closes. If I scroll up there manually and then save and exit all is well next time I reopen.

I'll have a look at my graphic settings like Will suggested.

Thanks for trying to fix this.
Thanks, your the nearest!

I'll keep poking around also and try not to be a pain in the butt to you about it. :-)
looking at oldest release and im in aw at how far ez-robot has come.