ARC Release 2012.10.31.00

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Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!:)

Today's release contains a few small enhancements, nothing huge. The biggest one for Biped/Hexapod users is the AutoPosition Action Frame Edit feature. Now you may edit Frames that have been added to an action. You may change the speed, steps and move the frame around. This is a large improvement. It's something I should have done weeks ago:)

- Auto Position Action editor allows editing and moving frames
- Variable assignment and IF conditioning works across multiple EZ-B boards


# Get ADC 0 value from second EZB
1.$x = getADC(adc0)

# Compare ADC 0 value between Second and First EZB Boards
0.if ($x > getADC(adc0))
print("Board 1 adc is higher")
@Kenny, you were in mind when I did it. I keep seeing your impressive updates and felt bad that you had to deal with the old awful interface. Sorry:) I think this release will make up for it.

*PS, if you double click on an Frame in the Action list, it will edit the frame.
Outstanding! I've been on the edge of my seat today waiting on this. BIG thanks! I'm off to download now!

Dave Schulpius
@DJ, Hey, i appreciate it man. Sure will make things easier. Right now I'm still working on the walking gait. As it turns out, I can't run the servos at full speed like i do with the rest of the motions. It's just a lil too jerky lol. I used an init script like the one you used on the philo jr. and set $ArmSpeed = 0 and $LegSpeed = 3, seems to smooth things out alot. You've got a four-frame walk for jr, I've got a six-frame walk for Phil:D I'll post when i can start and stop the walk without falling over lol