ARC Release 2012.10.27.00

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This isn't a huge update, but it does contain some GUI changes. It is a suggested update.:)

- New GUI user controls for servo positions and config menus
- Auto Smart Arrange (can be disabled)
- Connection control contains Refresh button to refresh port lists
Hi DJ,

Did you find a problem in the GUI that was stopping me from disconnecting and such because the multiple Radar scans are working good now.
Hi DJ,
Again, nice touch on shinning up the GUI.
You mention the Smart Auto Arrange can be disabled. How do I do that? I love the way it arranges things but once it's done I'd like to turn it off. After the arrange process I do a little tweaking and then next time I add a control the Auto arranger Un-tweaks me.

Dave Schulpius
@Putt_Putt Glad it is working for you now... might have been something in the re-installation?

@dschulpius in the lower left corner of the Add Control window there is a check box for the auto arrange.

@DJ I know this was mostly a GUI fix, but unfortunately there is still an issue with HTTP.
(1) Image view doesn't work - no image preview or streaming.
(2) I still have to refresh the controlling browser after every mouse click in order to get the next click to be acknowledged on the hosting EZ-Builder. Doesn't matter what PC I use for host or what browser I use on the remote PC (or smart phone) or what network I am linking through.

I think the servo control is a little less intuitive, but I like that the control windows are the same size now, easier to lay out:) just not as quick and easy to adjust with a single click:( I have to drag my mouse right across the screen for a full sweep from 1-100, sometimes re-positioning to finish the sweep.

Thank you for the Connection Refresh:D
1) Image view has been "work in progress" for 6 months. It will be listed as a change item when it is completed
2) I do not experience the issue you refer to. It's on the list of items to look at in time.

There are over 100 items on the list.
Thanks gunner, I missed that little check box.

Dave Schulpius
@DJ Thanks for the feedback and info... all I really had to go on was your video that implied all was working. Obviously I missed some other details buried in the forums somewhere *blush*

As for issue (2) might I suggest that, when you do get a chance you check, if what I am experiencing might be related to my lack of touch screen devices. I have tried too many totally different systems and isolated networks to believe it is just me:P (As a long term tech myself, I do test and re-test before I comment :))

Sorry your 'roundtoit list is so large... unfortunate cost of such a successful and popular product:P

Thanks again, your efforts have totaly rejuvenated my future career plans into robotics:D