ARC Release 2012.09.18.00

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This is a release of EZ-Builder you can't miss! I woke up this morning with a new video processing model in my head. I don't know where it came from, or how - but this is the release you want. The main features of this release are speed and memory improvements to the video processor. However, one feature you will appreciate most is the Frame Update Manager - which is the new video processor I came up with.

The idea behind the Frame Update Manager is it only processes the video when a new frame has been received. Sometimes the AR Drone or EZ-Robot Camera will skip frames due to radio interference - and this will cause your robot to process the last video frame over and over... Which results in a robot spinning in circles! Well, no more! Now the robot command processor waits for an updated frame before reacting - Sometimes I impressive myself!

Also in this release is a fix for the AR Drone Video Processor. For many months, certain AMD processors have suffered lock-ups in EZ-Builder when displaying the AR Drone Video Stream - requiring a force shutdown... And usually run-away drones! Well that issue is now resolved also:)

- New video processor (Frame Update Manager)
- Fix for AR Drone Video on AMD Processors
That's my son! Well, almost. Good Job!
:D :D
I love those kinds of epiphanies. Some of my best work has come from stuff I literally dreamt up the night before.

Ah that's the word i was looking for all evening! Epiphany... Man that was in the furthest corner of my memory! Thank you:)