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Someone asked if they could upload a photo of their robot to an EZ-Builder project. Ironically, I had been working on a new Virtual Robot Control - which provides a visual display of your robot servo positions. This is a much friendlier method of organizing servo settings.

- Virtual Robot Control (Add Control->Misc->Virtual Robot)

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United Kingdom

Very nice feature.

Thank you , You'v done it again.

New Zealand
Yeah that was Me.......!

DJ Sures,You sure you didn't slip some sort of mind syncing device in my EZ-B pack?

That's the fourth time we've 'connected'in as many updates...

Guys I can't do a rain dance to save me in a drought but there's just a chance that I can .... lol

Thanks again DJ Sures. You've made my day!

- Tameion
This is phenomenal DJ! So simple and intuitive.

Thanks soooo much.
I love all these new features... wonder when I will learn all the "old" ones let alone get to these before they too become "old":)
This is really good direction for EZ-Builder ... something similar integrating a Kinect and other sensors would be outstanding.... all in good time I guess..