EZ-Builder Release 2012.06.20.00

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Rock'n new release of EZ-Builder! Some great new fixes and enhancements. I'm adding lots of neat new features to the Wii Remote - so this is the first of a few releases with Wii Remote enhancements. A few releases ago the Camera control changed to a new threading method - you were warned of a few bugs - those bugs have been resolved.

- Partial Nunchuck support (almost complete)
- Wii Remote Button EZ-Script assignment
- servo Auto Release new Pause option
- Wiimote Rumble EZ-Script commands
- Camera Control Bug Fix
- Wiimote accelerometer speed enhancement
- MP3 Playback Bug Fixes - now using NAudio rather than writing my own library

Thank You so much D.J. for all of your hard work. The problems that I was having dissappeared with this new Release!!!

God Bless You, Son!!! the reason I call you son, is that I have a boy your age. Heck, come to think of it, I have several grandson's your age.

Thanks Again!! We Love You!!

:D :D :D
Good to hear dude:) Thank you!
United Kingdom
This is very handy as I just got a Wii Remote as a Fathers day present
@winstn60 nice! I think i use the wii remote just as much as the joystick. I use the wii remote mostly for my Wall-e.

The nunchuck code still isn't finished though.:)