EZ-Builder Release 2012.05.29.00

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Welcome to EZ-Builder Release 2012.05.29.00! I'm pleased to introduce a few new features that make EZ-Robot even more powerful! Watch the video to see a quick demo of some of the new features...

- Multiple Camera Device Support
- High Resolution Capture
- eZ430 Chronos Texas Instrument Programmable Watch
- Image Overlay Augmented Reality!
- New EZ-Script Commands (BVForward, BVLeft, BVRight, BVReverse, BVStop, MP3TriggerVolume)
- HTTP Server View Image has been temporary disabled due to multiple camera support. It will be resolved in a future release.


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Oooo... multiple cameras. Do you sleep?

Speaking of cameras, I was playing with my tracking thing with my minion and some how managed to switch the camera to my webcam on pc. All of a sudden my minion (didn't know he could go so fast) starting racing off the table. I barely caught him. It was funny but I guess you had to be there.
United Kingdom

Did you give the motion tracking and face recognition a tune-up they work much better (smoother and faster) on my system.

Thanks for the multi cam support , Gun cam here we come. :)
Thank you for the MP3TriggerVolume.

You made my day!!!!!!!
@ DJ :
I just connected my 2nd EZ-B (which is board #1) and downloaded the new version (Release 2012.05.29.00 ) per this thread. I DO NOT see the new features shown in your video in the camera window, nor in the camera configure window.
Note: I just added an update comment in my post under Hardware, wireless camera problem on 5/25/2012. Please look it over if you would.
I am still getting the green color flare even after downloading the new release. Have I missed a step anywhere? I welcome your comments as to what you think the problem may be.

I had to delete EZ-Builder from my computer and reinstall it. I CAN now see the new and updated camera control window and features. I will try testing my camera again today and see if the camera tracking issue is resolved.

Well done on the second camera interface! Now, If I put camera's in each eye of my robot Melvis, I will see in stereo just as he will.

I suppose, I'll need to figure out some sort of device to view the images, keeping the right image for the right eye and the left for the left.

Add stereo microphones and you could really "be your robot."


PS. My robot clone project is on hold a bit. Life (and my day job) is just getting in the way these days.
United Kingdom
I couldn't find (BVForward, BVLeft, BVRight, BVReverse, BVStop) in the script control's? guesss this will be for the BV4113 controller?

Everything else is there you just need to add a new camera control as you can have lots now and the resolution increase is much appreciated really improves the picture quality if you go to 320 x 240

Augmented reality is impressive and fun to play with not thought of a use yet though?

@thomasfromla brilliant idea about 3D you just want some polarising filters from maybe some cheap sunglasses in front of each camera orientate the filters so one is vertical and the other horizontal say. Then make up some glasses that match the cameras on your bot and have the 2 camera views side by side viola! 3D. Perhaps DJ could provide a stereo viewing panel and also the glasses! its one way. Think I'll give this a try

@Robotz012248 is your motion tracking switched on in tracking types on your camera control? Perhaps post video as that would be normal behaviour??