EZ-Builder Release 2011.11.28.00 - Let's Motor!

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Welcome to the latest EZ-Robot Software Release - Let's Motor!


- EZ-Builder v2011.11.28.00
- EZ-SDK v2011.11.28.00
- EZ-B Firmware v15.1


- Finger Pad Control: For tablet (or mouse use). Great for controlling a head, or arms for your robot.

- Scripting Recorder: Allows recording of all ez-b communication to be replayed

- IR Decoder: Control your robot from a RC-5 Infrared Remote Control

- Camera Device: Tracking Script works for all types of tracking, not just color

- Support for EZ-Robot Certified HBridge motor controller

- HTTP Server contains Movement control interface

- Camera tracking increased. Higher quality color and motion tracking

A few other things too, minor interface enhancements and a bug fix that no one else noticed except me:) .. So i'll just keep that to myself

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Script Recorder and Finger Pad Demo
It goes through a testing phase that I sign off on. There are no known bugs on the 5 test platforms. Try rebooting your computer? Maybe try rebooting the EZ-B power?

Sounds like your computer needs a bandaid:)
This is awesome. The camera feature I have been waiting so long for has come. But what exactly do you mean by "tracking". Do you mean the script starts/stops when the movement/facial/colour is found/lost or when you turn on one of these three types of tracking? I would love to be able to apply the Finger Pad to my project. How am able to use EZ-Builder and in turn this feature on an iPad (I sound like such a newbie when I say this)

It is strange that the firmware update is not running for you @milanmark. It worked fine for me
I tried rebooting both...
Restore worked on my desktop. Old version works great!
Tried my laptop which I have not run the hardware but have the software loaded... exact same thing... firmware update would not run.
Did a restore and firware update DID run. So...
Who needs the baidaid? :)
i had the same problem when i clicked on download it went to my downloads and in that window i had multiple EZ-Builder installers im my downloads so i uninstalled EZ-Builder off my computer and the multiple EZ-Builder installers and then downloaded it again and ran fine firmware update and all
@milanmark try the 2011.11.29.01 version. See if that helps for you. I think you're in Windows XP? There might be a service pack you are missing... But either way, I have a work-around for you in this new version:)
Both computers are Windows 7...
I deleted the old version 1st then tried it and the EZ-B firmware update runs this time using the 112901 version. This is on my laptop...
I'll try my desktop later, that's where I am actually using the EZ-B board.
Thanks for the quick response!