Windows 2014.09.27.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- added create snapshot popup if model has been changed in 3d designer

- updated url of firmware help video for ez-b v3

- highlight last opened folder button when opening a project

- better error logging in ez cloud

- more details when no apps found in ez cloud

- better activity messages in ez cloud
All systems updated before day trip to show my older sister (82) the robots.


:D *sleep* *sleep* *sleep*
Thank you DJ, much appreciated. Much has changed for me in my life. I am now an established and widely recognized Miniature Artisan with a following all across the U.S., Canada, Austrialia,, New Zealand, South Africa, and several European countries. My work has been featured in several of the major miniatures magazines.The Good Lord has abundantly blessed me in my endeavors. I am planning on using the EZ-B for animation and special effects in my miniatures.

Once miniaturists and collectors see the results it may open a whole new market for EZ-B/ARC. I will be sure to promote the use of the EZ-B/ARC in my work.
Congratulations on the growth of your company.
@Lloyd, don't tease us. Post a link to some of your work. I think I remember you showing us some of it a while back but cant seem to remember exactly. We here in America sometimes are a little behind the rest of the world when it comes to hearing about rising talent like yours. ;)
Thank you Dave. I could have never anticipated that I would be embarking on yet another career this late in life. I've also had the blessing of becoming a published writer and photographer. I have fully embraced my new endeavors and I owe it all to my Lord. I think that including animation and special effects in my miniatures is a natural progression for me. I'll be sharing my work here when it is completed.
where can download EZ-B bootloader can you help pls
You can download the latest version of ARC in the software section of this forum.

If you're talking about wanting to start up ARC when Windows first boots then there is a shortcut creator inside of ARC. Look on the top menu bar.
@Dave That is not what he is talking about.

@Naj If you have a V3 board, firmware updates and an updater application are included in the ARC software downloads. If you have a V4 board, there have not been any firmware updates yet (the firmware for the V4 x/2 board included in the latest download is for Beta testers). See for the latest (you are posting to a thread from over a year ago. There have been probably a dozen updates since then).

The firmware for the WiFi chip of the ARC V4 is available here:

The EZ-B bootloader is not available to the public. It is proprietary intellectual property of EZ-Robot and is not an open source project.

Well, I gave it a shot. So by asking for the Bootloader he is asking for a firmware update? I've seen that term before but it's been a while. Is it still a used term or process?