Release 2016.12.28.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- Happy Holidays!

- New Blockly Graphical Programming Interface (accompanies RoboScratch)

- RoboScratch load/save as separate projects rather than with the main project

- support virtual servos on different ez-b's (

- cleaner shut down of script control with less verbose messaging

*This build has been updated from 2016.12.26.00 to 2016.12.28.00 with a few more Block Programming enhancements.

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As always fantastic job! Love V servos on different EZB and so will Dave...many uses ... Happy Holidays!
OMG! *eek* *eek* *eek* Thanks! :D My best xmas present so far! :):)
Virtual servos are working great now on other EZB's besides the first one. Thanks again!
Blockly is so cool.
Great work.
This is a perfect tool for programming.