Release 2016.11.19.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- This release has significant camera vision movement tracking improvements.

- The movement controller has been rewritten to provide speed parameters to new feature, such as the camera control.

- The camera control now has a speed option to select how fast the robot turns or moves forward when tracking an object using Movement Tracking.

- The Movement Delay option now has a checkbox to enable/disable it.

- There is information in the question marks for the new options if you hover the mouse over.

User-inserted image

Thanks. Looks like it's working real well.

Question; It appears like your tracking movement based on color. In your video it's red. Can this be set to track just movement without looking for a certain color? For example if I want a robot to just stay in one place but turn at the waist and follow movement as someone walks past it. In the old V3 days that was possible but results were iffy. Your advice back then was to mount the camera on a fixed part of the robot and not the moving part.

I'm looking forward to playing with this again now that EZB is light years past the V3. :)
Yes you can do that. Best to mount the camera stationary and choose "Track By Relative Position". Find out more about camera features on the camera manual page by pressing the ? (question mark) or following this link:

Motion tracking type will move toward the the area of motion. It compares current video frame against last video frame. There is a value to "skip" frames in the settings for motion tracking.