Release 2014.01.06.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

This release has a few additions for the v4...


- Sound v4 Microphone has a Time Stretch effect to make your voice sound like a robot
- new control for EZ-B v4 Info displays CPU Core Temp and Battery Voltage
United Kingdom
Nice, that saves any messing around with voltage dividers and scripts to monitor the battery:)

Once again showing you watch the community, see something that's wanted/needed and jump right on it!
EXCITED>>>>>> New to the Robot World
I have managed to find 1 lonely Ez-B V3 in Australia that i have snapped up, really looking forward to getting the V4

Any ideas when they will be ready to go? beginning/mid/end Feb? and since I haven't actually pre ordered as yet (yes I am an idiot ) if i do so now, would there be enough to fill orders that already stand as well as have stock on hand.

Its really quite hard to get any good stuff down here in OZ.

Thanks *stress*