Release 2013.12.21.00

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Bug fixes...

- EZ-Script Halt()
- Check for updates
- Script Wait
United Kingdom
Perfect! As always, thanks and what a turn around!:D
hello, I have a quick question. is the new release backwards compatible? I have a small fortune tied up in the Ez-b v2 boards. I have just installed the new release and havent totally looked around it yet, but I did see the connection window doesn't have com ports, just IP addresses. also happy holidays to all.

I found that if you click in the box, behind the IP address, another small box will pop up allowing you to choose a COM port.


thank you. I now see it. if you click in the box that contains the IP address, it pop's up with other port possibility's.
thanks a bunch. I was getting worried, but I know DJ wouldn't leave us hanging. I just did know were to look.
thanks again,