Release 2013.12.19.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

There was a little mishap in the last version while we upgraded to Visual Studio 2013 for compiling EZ-Builder. The Visual Studio 2013 does not include the Microsoft Deployment project type and has been replaced with Install Shield. There are plenty of bugs in the Install Shield application which caused installation issues of EZ-Builder. This release uses a new installer and is still compiled with VS 2013.

You can follow this thread for a historical reference to the Install Shield Fiasco:

There are quite a few GUI enhancements, and some speed improvements to the UI.

This release also updates the dependency to .Net 4.5
I downloaded and installed... Everything seems to work fine now....

all is well for now...



update after using new version on two different windows systems. Bluetooth is much improved on both. j:P
Everything seems good for me so far as well.:)
New Zealand
Hey @DJSures... school holiday time so its back to programming... Yeah!

New version is very fast on the load, etc... very nice.

I am however finding that the scripstartwait command switch is not releasing the script in ScriptManager...

I have a clean install of the latest ARC version on a Win8.0 system....

Don't waste too much time as it may be my Win8 copy, a TechNet unregistered trial version, but it may still be worth a check.

(Santa is bringing me a registered and updatable Win8.1 version)