Release 2013.09.01.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

Here are a few new features...

- New ControlCommand() for Camea control: CameraStart, CameraStop

- New Example Project for CameraStart/CameraStop in the Examples folder

- New ControlCommand() for Speech Settings. Allows you to change the speech settings using ControlCommand.

- New Example Project for Speech Settings ControlCommand() in the Examples folder

- Change to custom movement panel. The Speed script will only execute when the speed has changed, it will not execute everytime a direction is specified. This will also execute if SetSpeed() EZ-Script command is called from anywhere in EZ-Builder.

All of these new ControlCommand() are available in EZ-Script by looking at the Cheat Sheet tab.

@aameralis - That is pretty cool that they saw your posts and hooked you up. DJ has done that a couple few times now. He's a stand up guy. I'm proud to be an EZ-Robotter because of stuff like that.:)