Release 2013.06.06.00

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Software Information
This release is an update to fix and add new functions to the Revolution Beta release of EZ-Builder. Enjoy!:)

- prompts for ezcloud account info on startup
- more noticeable information button for viewing STL files in EZ-Bits
- controls display EZ-Robot connection information under Board Image tab during configuration
- no longer warns about adding a new connection control when NEw Project is selected while connected to ez-b
- Bit Builder includes decorative parts (Not Printable) to save as STL but not printable
You are awesome DJ sures! Is there a way to export the .stl files to use in another 3d package?
United Kingdom
Click on Design to start designing your robot
Add in a part
Click on Inventory
Click on the i symbol
User-inserted image

Choose Save STL
User-inserted image

United Kingdom
Not a problem, sorry it took so long:D

And actually, you don't need to add a part, you can click on the I direct from the Library parts.
really nice! I'm already working on building a 3D printer
That was the longest three minutes of my life!