Raspberry Pi Release 2020.01.11.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- fix for camera feed. Needs additionally testing...

- Number of roll-up features from the last Beta Windows releases
I made some testing with the picamera.
First, I can connect to the picamera without crashing and i see the video stream, so it is a big step from last version.
I have also tested some tracking (multicolor) and it is also working.

I have also observed two bugs so far:
- if I click on the stop button of the camera control (after starting it), ARC crashes
- I am stuck with the "Rotate180FlipXY" condition, which is upside down for me. Any other option gives a black screen in the camera stream window.
- by the way, there is no "RotateNoneFlipNone" option in the pi version of ARC...