Beta Release 2019.12.12.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- Re-using as many objects as possible between video frames (less creating and disposing of objects that get reused). Results in faster framerate and less cpu when using tracking types
- Using direct memory copy of output video frame so the same memory gets re-used for every frame
- Drawing video feed on canvases using direct memory copies (i.e. blockly, RoboScratch & mobile interface)
- New Invokers uses Actions() rather than delegates, so it's much faster when getting and setting ui control values/parameters
- removed a timer on displaying connection status on mobile app that should have been an event
Yes! +1 on the beta release 2019.12.11.00! I'm seeing the difference.

I haven't had this much fun with ARC in years!