Beta Release 2019.11.01.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- clicking on help for controls in add control dialog uses the ezrobot legacy redirect url

- legacy ezrobot control view redirect in url service manager

- check if ez_b is added to the plugin archive

- added ohmnilab and blueberry pi server to firmware simulator
*Note: PTP, change your firmware to respond with ID 18602

- when "move forward when tracking" is not set, stop moving when object is in the middle

- ability to rename action

- display audio error in speech recognition detection (i.e. too loud, too quiet, too fast, etc)

- 3-in-1 swapped pitch and roll values

- soundboard pc has a status variable

- Allow servo settings to be specified when no ez-b device is connected. This allows for behavior control such as LewanSoul to work without any ez-b devices connected because the LewanSould can connect via USB <-> Serial adapter