Beta Release 2019.06.10.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

This is a big release with a number of gui and backend updates. Try this beta build and provide feedback of irregularities or errors. The GUI has a theme engine now, which means you can (or will be able to shortly) create custom themes for projects. This includes custom windows, title bars, colors, fonts, etc..

Currently this theme engine is using a default DARK theme that i derived from Microsoft Visual Studio and Windows 10 dark mode. The great thing about the dark mode is it's friendly on both your eyes and your robot's battery. The dark mode doesn't use as much power for the LCD - which is good for robots with onboard PC's or people using laptops.

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- standard date time formatting for all log data

- display error message as an application window during software initialization. If an error occurs during initialization, this will catch it.

- initialize the ezb array before application runs

- Theme engine will theme is backward compatible with existing behavior control plugins

- Force change the decimal separator if the culture has it set for a comma or something weird

- Theme text color is an invert based on the background color calculated from reverse luminescence

- Allow removing of background image for mobile interface

- New data hub for sending structured data to controls that can subscribe to it. Similar to ROS' Node system, this allows behavior controls to publish and subscribe to data by specific categories and types. This is to compliment the lidar navigation system and ROS node behavior control that is in development.
Hey wow, I always look forward to the Beta's but this is the newest visual experience I have ever seen in the years of updates!:D
Haha right on. It’s about to get crazy with updates. We have a bunch of stuff being worked on. Stay tuned:D
Right on DJ ! Having a blast with the Beta, so many great ideas I am dreaming up programming for my Terminator project, Glad to know ARC will keep getting better!
This seems like it was a lot of work. Thanks. I'm really looking forward to seeing what is coming next.
When will it be out of beta?
Full releases are posted once a month. You can install the beta by viewing ARC page
Hi, I am beginner using a RPi 3B+ with a 7 inch touch screen display. I this when i Installed the ARC the display (GUI) is compressed and  some display goes out of the screen. Kindly suggest some remedy so that i can take forward my project smoothly.
The minimum screen resolution for ARC is 1366x768. Ideally, the best resolution for ARC is 1920x1080.

A 7 inch display usually has a resolution of maximum 800x480 or 1024x600 which is lower than the minimum resolution of ARC.

You will likely need a display that can support a higher resolution in order to use ARC.