Android/Windows Release 2014.11.02.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

This release is for the new EZ-Cloud v3. The Android App is also required for this update if you use the EZ-Cloud. The new EZ-Cloud v3 has performance improvements and new functionality.


- HTTP Custom Server uses new tags for the HTML 5 naming convention. Check the manual for more information about the new tags

- new EZ-Cloud v3

- new EZ-Script command: sayezbwait()

- soundboard v4 can use any of the 5 ez-b v4's

- pandoraBots uses EZ-B v4 if configured in configuration menu

- pandoraBots server timeout set for 5 seconds

- significant performance and memory enhancements on the Android App

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Fast, fantastic, awsome as always. Thanks DJ!