ARC 2020.12.01.00 (Early Access)

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

These changes and fixes are from reviewing diagnostic logs over the last month. All unhandled exceptions have been bug fixed and had changes/fixes for them.

- Added keyboard ESC and ENTER shortcut to port/servo selection popup

- removed ezbuilder project migrator because it's been far too long and everyone should be up to speed

- ucgraph controls added reference to use the base isclosing rather than handling itself

- when getting plugin list, report error of saving each thumbnail individually

- do not attempt to update plugin list or anything if there is already a copy of ARC running

- process uart and ezb video faster and prevent an unescapable loop

- fix camera motion detection when changing resolutions

- Fix for error learning object and closing the form during process

- Fix for trying to preview 3d build instructions when there aren't any

- Fix error for creating plugin with bad filename/path characters

- Log error in microphone skill if there is no input device

- Default camera title for legacy mobile apps

- Interface builder will grab the first camera for legacy projects and assign it to the config

- Fix ht16k animator error

- Fix to load only .servo profile files

- Fix for mic errors with bing and microphone skills

- added PC volume javascript/python commands
Wow, that's a ton of fixes! Nice work @DJ!
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removed ezbuilder project migrator
..not sure what this even did prior, but does this affect importing any older saved projects?

....and thanks for the bug fixes.
Will, no. When ARC was released, the migratory was automatic and moved settings and renamed folders from ezbuilder to arc. After almost 2 years, it’s just useless code occupying resources.
Ahh ok great! Thanks!
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removed ezbuilder project migrator
@DJ and WIll, when I saw this it also raised my eyebrows. I thought the same as Will. The Control import tool is one of the best features you guys came up with. Thanks foe asking Will!

@DJ, thanks for keeping ARC working properly! It looks like lots of work.
Haha, how I know people actually read the release notes. That’s great!!