ARC 2020.11.15.00 (Early Access)

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- loading and saving project is much faster now

- Improved speed and memory usage of loading and saving files, both locally and on the cloud

- Significant cloud saving performance improvements by compressing the upload

- Large projects (~ 100mb) do not produce "out of system memory"

*Note: I've been able to test unicode text for foreign languages saving/loading. And while my tests do work, please verify your project load and saves correctly from the cloud and local if you have foreign language/characters.
So how do I download an update without having to re-subscribe all over again? I already paid for the 1 year.
You don’t ever have to resubscribe - download the update and install it like you always have.
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Hi @RoboHappy, I just downloaded the new upgraded version and had no problems. I simply clicked the "Get ARC" link above and it took me to the ARC page. You should see a baby blue colored box near the top that should have the title "You already have an ARC Pro subscription license" below that click on the link "Go to Downloads to isntall or upgrade ARC". Here are the direct link:

BTY @DJ, the word "Install" is spelled wrong on the target page on the "Get ARC" Page here: . There it's spelled "isntall". I'm the last one to be pointing out spelling errors. LOL.;)
Woooo good find Dave. Good thing only paying customers see that spelling mistake:)
LOL. something small like that is not a big deal. I just know how picky you are about the details and thought you may like to know. I've been misspelling all my life. Thank the electronic gods for auto spell check!

BWY, I love the new speed enhancements. I see a noticeable speed difference when starting and shutting down a project.
Ok, I tried that, and all it does is take me to the ARC pricing age first.
I tried again. It still takes me to the ARC pricing page first, shows no indication that I subscribed, even though I have done so.
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RoboHappy, sounds like you're continually pressing the "View Plans" button. If you are a pro member, you do not need to "View plans" because you already have one. The only reason you would "view plans" is if you are attempting to modify your existing subscription plan. You can add additional PCs to the subscription plan if you wish, but that's not what i believe you are wanting to do.

If you are attempting to upgrade ARC, then download it and install it from the download list. Choose the Early Access as it's the best for pro users to receive the latest updates.
Here's a video on how to download ARC Early Access. This applies for either first time or upgrading.

RoboHappy, by any chance are you trying to put this new download on a different computer then the one you first installed as a Pro Member. In other words are you trying to install a second ARC program on a second computer? I had an issue doing this. I hope it was just a problem I caused and not a bug. Let me know.
Hi Dave and DJ,
I'm happy to say I was able to install the upgrade. I see what I did wrong after reading above. Thank you both :)