ARC 2020.04.09.01

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

This is a stable release of ARC with many bug and performance improvements. Please read the change list below...

- limit max number of cloud files displayed to user to improve performance of user interface
- fix scrollbar not always appearing on workspaces
- javascript getVar() can retrieve global variable arrays
- Renamed JavaScript ADC.getADC() and ADC.getADC12() to ADC.get() and ADC.get12Bit() to work with existing naming convention
- Display camera preview when editing javascript
- plugin installer uses proxy server configuration
- Blockly has procedures
- Blockly has Return and Break
- Blockly renamed goto to continue
- Fix error with camera if trying to start when already running
- Verbose ControlCommand error message
- update to theme renderer
- Fix for rgb animator frame variable
Thanks again Dj for the new program