The Robot Program Episode 001: Revolution JD Box Contents


This lesson will introduce the contents of the Revolution JD robot kit. Follow along with The Robot Program Episode 001: Revolution JD Box Contents. At the end of this lesson, readers will be able to identify the parts of the robot, the charging components, the Getting Started Guide, and where to find more information.

View the video episode here:

Professor E's Overview

Important information and online links can be viewed in the Getting Started Guide.

JD is a humanoid robot that uses two legs for movement.

The parts reviewed in this lesson include:

  • A Humanoid Head and Humanoid Body
  • The EZ-B Robot Controller
  • Six Lever Servos that act as motorized robot joints
  • Two Humanoid Feet for bipedal movement
  • Two Grippers that allow the robot to hold items
  • The Wire Wraps will be used to organize the cables of the robot
  • Battery charging components

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