Robotis Arm, OpenCM 9.08 & Dynamixel XM430


Learn how to program and control a Robotis Arm powered by a OpenCM 9.04 board and Dynamixel servos using Synthiam software platform.

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OpenCM 9.04
Step 1

In this Tutorial we will be connecting to an OpenCM 9.04 board to control a Robotis Arm moved by Dynamixel XM430 Servos in Synthiam Platform. We will go over firmware installations and using Skills like Auto Positioning and Speech Recognition.

Download ARC: Robotis OpenCM 9.04: Dynamixel Servos Skill:


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Unknown Country

sir I have used the Arduino Uno, and operate the servo motor and after "releasing all servo motor" and "get & set all position", I am not able get those angle values  . what should I do? please guide me.


Do you have the RX and TX of the robotis dynamixel servos connected to the arduino?


do you have to use  robotis dynamixel servos?


ok, I only have  MG996R 55g Metal Gear Torque Digital servo Motors and Ez-robot  servos HDD

I was thinking, maybe you can add the PCA9685 for 16 servos module to you Compatible Robot Hardware

works great with ARC and the Arduino (your firmware I modified)