I have one existing robot I wa

Slee The Sloth


I have one existing robot I want to upgrade with the uses 2 of EZ B4 board s and 1 camera to give my full scale R2D2 more interactive / autonomies futures. You can see a picture of my r2D2 and I on my profile page. Or: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcoBHKIsNrY.

Then I'm going to purchase 1 more EZ B4 board and cam to build a set of 1/2 scale droids like C3po and R2d2 for my computer shop. I will call these droids " Droid-lings as they will be 1/2 scale. There function will be to entertain customers in my computer shop until I can work with them. See I'm the only employee in my computer shop and some times it takes me a second or two to get from the work area to the front where the customers come in. So my plan is to have the Droid-lings great the customers and welcome them to the shop and keep them occupied until I can get there.

So now that my income tax money is in, I'm looking to buy 3 EZ-B4 boards and 2 cameras. So if I could get a price break that would be gratefully appreciated.



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