Ez Robot Attacknid



I started a new robot project using an Attacknid combat creature.The Attacknid uses two motors for locomotion,Simple Dual hbridge connected to EZB and lithium batteries for power.I intend on install six ultrasonic sensor and ezb camera tilt assembly.Head rotation will be using rotation of upper body..This will make a great in expense six legged robot..Pick up robot on Ebay for $30..

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How did you hack into that guy? I have one I have been wanting to do some stuff with myself. Did you delete the arm mech that raises and lowers the launcher?


I removed the electronics and left all the mechanical stuff.It has two motors one for the head and one for the legs.I am not using the launcher. l298 motor driver used to drive both motors with EZB controller.Works great.Body frame is a plastic six sided unit i got from a blootooth speaker unit i gutted.Clear acrylic dome is an eight inch camera security dome. I am using the 4 aa holder with lithium batteries instead of standard ones. I still need to add sensor,but that is easy.