Dt Ezb Underground Weather Api Muncher

Luis Vazquez

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Hello all,

I have uploaded a new and final Beta before I put out the first release.

I'm am working on the documentation at this time but its very self explanatory.

The minimum information you need to provide its ..

1 . Host information for your ARC TCP Port and Host IP
2. Your ZipCode
3. A underground weather key , there is a get key button in the program .

Look around .. I will post a video later today showing how to set it up and some of the features. I think most of you will have no issue running it .


If you need any help or would like to see a change before the final release please drop me a note on this thread.

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Never mind about the wind speed. It shows up now, at that moment it must have honestly registered 0.0 MPH wind.

The "Next Update" time, I noticed it updates once, but not again. It started at 3:52pm, and it showed it would run again at 4:52 (which it did), but then the time never updated, but it did run correctly at 5:52pm. - I had it set to run every 60 minutes.

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I'd like to add an auto start option. What do you think? If I close the app, it defaults to a paused mode.

I noticed on the website it shows my area has rain. I wonder if we can pull that condition as well?
Yes i am trying to get the forecast tab working before I release another version.
@LuisVazquez I have Skype but I don't use it. I don't have a paid account with it. I did a search for as HippiGeek and sent you a contact request in Skype.
I have upload the project and the source code.

It is not in repository at this time. but you can download it.

go to http://www.dragontear.com

you can find it there. the web is not completed yet but i put enough up so you can find the project.
PS: , you only need paid skype account to call phone land lines and cell phones.
Skype to skype is always free.
Ok, cool Luis. Is your ID in Skype HippiGeek? I have it setup on my desktop now.
For others, I'm using two scripts, one is to start the Weather application


#Change the application path to reflect your own

And this to read the variables. I have it print the current forecast because I personally like to see that.


Say("The current tempature for" + $DT_CityName + " " + $DT_StateName)
Say("is" + $DT_TempF + "degrees")
Say("The forecast for today is " + $DT_ForecastToday)
Say("Wind direction is from the" + $DT_WindDirection)
Say("at " + $DT_WindSpeedMPH + " miles per hour")
Say("humidity is" + $DT_Humidity)
Say("visibility is " + $DT_VisibilityMI + " miles ")
Say("The forecast for tonight is " + $DT_ForecastTonight)
Say("The forecast for tomorrow is " + $DT_ForecastTomarrow)
Next Update time seems to be updating now too. :)
Yes i fixed that.

If you got the the dragontear site and click contact , there is a button for skype on top
Just lick it and it will bring you to my skype account.
looking how you are using the script to start the weather app, I think we need a check box to say auto start on application start. so when you load the weather app it can just start working with out user interaction.
Just started to look at having my robot aware of the weather. This API looks interesting.

Does your Dt Ezb Underground Weather Api Muncher handle Weather Alerts?
@RobertL184 - yes indeed. HippieGeek made a very nice weather app to work with ARC. Once you configure the app it will pull weather data and adjustable intervals. In ARC you can then use that data as you see fit. You can have it give you just the temp or a whole weather report and forecast.

I think it's awesome!
@RobertL184 Hello and thank you @justinRatliff for responding to @RobertL184

I had though about weather alerts and could have it in the app. but I decided that Emergency weather info is best left to an alert radio like a Midland Weather Radio or something like that. As a father of 5 children I did not think it was safe to rely on any internet tech for Emergency type weather reports.

You can download the source code and modify it if you like. I just don't believe there is a reliable way to deliver this type of information over the internet.

I would be happy to help you if you determine you would like to add this as a feature to your custom program but I do not believe it is a good Ideal to put it out as part of the Weather Underground API Muncher.
I downloaded your app and installed it. It works great with ARC. For Weather Alerts I wasn't thinking of it being a replacement for a Weather Radio. I was more thinking of my robot saying "There is a weather alert for your area!" Doesn't hurt to have an additional way to be notified of bad weather. I have a weather alert app for my phone as well, but I don't always have the phone on me. It does need to be be charged occasionally.
use the forecast as weather undergound places alerts in it as well